Honey Bear, originally from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, has been touring through the South East region since 2017. Her fluid style consists of house and bass music hinted with funk and soul. Coming up on the 2021 spectrum includes her return as a resident artist at Imagine Music Festival to Lost But Found Music Festival in Depew, Oklahoma.

How did the journey start? Specifically, this is a hard one to define. Inspired by Passion Pit back in 2010, she began to teach herself music theory through 2017 when she performed her first show in Charlotte, North Carolina.

When asked what fuels her fire, she responded “I do this because I love all types of music. What I love even more is seeing the expression on someone’s face of pure happiness when the beat hits. And in that moment every little thing is aaaaall right!”

~ Honey Bear


Since 2017 she has continuously expanded boundaries by performing across a collection of platforms.

Weddings and sound design with bands such as Tauk
Private events like summer pool parties to house held and charity functions
Music festivals including residency with Imagine Music Festival to Digital Gardens
Silent Disco shows ranging from top 40's, House, Techno, Dubstep, and specifically requested genres (ie. prior to event)
Clubs, condos, & seasonal events.

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